Krav Haganah [combat defense] for law enforcement

In this course the officer will learn effective defensive tactic methods developed from the Krav Haganah modern martial art style. The Krav Haganah techniques conform with the Use of Force Continuum structure. The students will be able to better deal with various hand to hand confrontations.

The techniques taught in this course will enable the officers  to conduct effective suspect control duties as well as defend themselves against various levels of threats.

The officers will be amazed how quickly they can learn the techniques and also how effective the techniques are.

The training sessions will start each day with a short stretching routine; the stretching will help reduce the likelihood of injuries. Following the stretching routine, the student will learn empty hand defensive tactics techniques against various types of threats and situations.

Course outline:

  • Defense against attack with an ax, crowbar or broken bottle
  • Knife  defense [front, rear, side and attacks from behind]
  • Handgun disarmament [front, rear, side and attacks from behind]
  • Rifle disarmament [front, rear, side and attacks from behind]
  • Defense against improvised weapons. [Front row and rear attack]
  • Defense against multiple attackers [static and dynamics attacks]
  • Rapid takedowns techniques [split second takedown techniques]
  • Subdue and control resisting suspect
  • Defense on the ground. [Including counter Brazilian jujitsu’s choking techniques]
  • Disarmament and shooting
  • Knife disarmament and using the knife

The students will perform the techniques in the following setup

  • In low light and in Darkness
  • Wet hands in order to simulate sweat or blood
  • Circle of death [in order to defend against multiple attackers – full dynamic force]
  • Choreographed attacks. [in order to defend against multiple attackers – low dynamic force]
  • Fighting while handcuffed
  • Fighting effectively after being injured and immobilized
  • Fighting after being blinded with a flashlight. [In order to simulate fighting situation while vision is affected]
  • The students will be performing the techniques wearing their issued dutybelt

Testing and evaluation

At the end of the course, each student will have to pass a combined defensive tactics test in order to demonstrate proficiencies in the techniques learned throughout this course.

Minimum 12 Students, maximum 30 students

Two days

No shooting range work

Tuition: $1500.00