Heroic actions of CCSO deputies caught on dash cam

A man is alive today thanks to the heroic actions of two Charlotte County deputies.

Early Saturday morning, deputies arrived on the scene of a vehicle accident where a man was trapped inside his burning vehicle. The neighbors inside the Riverwood community were alerted by the loud crash and called 911. The callers described the flames as being 5 feet high and heard a man screaming for help.

When DFC Parrish and DFC Vasquez ran to the victim, they found his seatbelt caught around his neck and upper body. The heat from the flames were described as unbearable which made it difficult for them to remain close to the victim for long periods of time. Parrish and Vasquez are shown extinguishing the flames to gain access to the man. Utilizing a pocketknife, the man was freed and pulled to safety with the help of a Good Samaritan.

“You truly never know what the night will hold,” says Sheriff Bill Prummell. “The job of a deputy is to act bravely in the face of danger, regardless of what lies ahead. These young men did just that. I couldn’t be prouder,” he adds.

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