Disaster Relief Fund Donations

The National Sheriffs' Association NSEF - Disaster Relief Fund was established to assist affected local law enforcement individuals and their families who require immediate relief from economic hardships due to natural disasters (i.e. Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, PNW Wildfires). The National Sheriffs’ Association works directly with the state associations to determine where the funds are needed most.

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*To donate online, you will need to log in to the website. If you do not have a username and password, you will need to create one.

The confirmation email you will receive will act as your receipt for your tax deductible contribution.

Checks can also be sent to:
NSEF - Disaster Relief Fund
National Sheriffs' Association
1450 Duke Street
Alexandria VA 22314

For assistance or additional information, contact Linda Foldvik at 703.838.5345 or lfoldvik@sheriffs.org.

100% of ALL donations will be used to support our nation's local law enforcement individuals and their families during a natural disaster!


If additional funds are not requested from the state associations for a current natural disaster (IE: hurricane Harvey) – the funds will then be pooled to assist with the next natural disaster.

Read related press release.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations that have donated so far (updated as of 10/06/2017): 

Roger Butterworth
Ferniece Galloway
Leo McGuire
Brian Cox
Jim Kilmer
Bill DuBose
Patricia Justice
Cory Hanson
Renee Chrisman
Erica Ann Peters
Brandon Kutner
Karen Leilani Marsh
Emily Shaw
JoAnn Myers
Howard Frame
Grant E. Smith
Donna Guy
Aaron B. Dick
Sara Yount
Lana Erickson
Thomas F. Lorito
Raul A. Diaz
Michael M. Metcalf
Ramey Lovelady
Deborah S. Jones
Sheila Jones
Jack Raymond
Charlene Price
Martha Jane Haynes
Debi Toro
Jan W. Kistler
Sheriff Douglas F. Cox
Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek
Mandy Marcus
Mary S. Gruss
John P. Severson
Sheriff James Custer
Martha Harbin
Samantha Duran
Nancy Broadway
Diane Larkin
Kenny Galan
Mary E. Toepfer
Steven McCann
James McNulty
Laura B. Yochem
Doris M. Congleton
Donna Conner
Tara C. Recore
Doctor Ross A Wolf
Don Rogers
Carlos A. Alverez
Gary Bailey
Thomas L. Morgan
Dave Weisz
Robert Glotz
Donna Woolard
Michael D. Sample, Sr
Chris Simms
James Cummins
Scott Newman
Tim Snider
Marjorie Burris
Lorraine Carnes
Darleen Peteritis
Robert Orrick
Zita J. Rekesius
Kevin Thurman
Sheriff Douglas Wright
Sheriff Janis G. Mangum
B. Lynn Phillips
Coweta County
Jim Tinney
Kevin C. Smith
Mary C. Silva
Diamond Drugs, Inc
Doctor Ivor Garlick
Sheriff Robert W. Paschke
Michael E. Creamer
Sheriff Rick J. Lincoln
St. Lucie County
Robert E. Kundrat
Sheriff David J. Mahon
Erik Palmer
TAG Global Systems
In Memory of Sheriff Elmer Clark
Sheriff Daniel A. Dunlap
Buckeye County Sheriffs' Association
Florida Sheriffs' Association