Hunt Insurance Group, LLC

We are proud to endorse Hunt Insurance for the following insurance programs:

Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance

This insurance policy provides a method of reimbursement for the unpredictable and high-dollar expenses associated with arrestees, pre-trial detainees, and inmates who require medical treatment outside the walls of a detention facility.

Off-Site Medical Cost Control Program

A cost control program intended to reduce the administrative and financial burden of off-site inmate medical expenses; bills are repriced and negotiated on the jail's behalf.

Court-Ordered Community Service or Inmate Work Release Coverage

An Accidental Death & Dismemberment + Medical Expense policy that provides coverage if an offender is injured, killed, or dismembered while performing duties assigned by the County. Coverage can be tailored to persons who are fulfilling court-ordered community service requirements, or trustees of the jail who have been granted a “hall pass” to work in the community. For policies tailored to court-ordered community service, some courts build an “insurance fee” into the court costs; this assists in paying for the insurance policy.

Reserve Deputy Sheriff Coverage

Covers reserve and auxiliary deputy sheriffs in the event they are injured, killed, or dismembered while acting within the scope of their duties as a reserve. It can provide coverage where workers’ compensation does not apply to unpaid auxiliary or reserve members.

Cyber Liability Insurance

An insurance policy that covers first-party computer damage or upgrades, third-party liability for suits, notification or regulatory issues, computer crime and/or business interruption arising from a cyber event.


Dan Lancaster
Account Executive