The National Sheriffs' Association hosts the following conferences:

- A Winter Legislative and Technology Conference, held annually in Washington D.C.

Submit your seminar proposal by August 30, 2019.

- An Annual Education and Technology Expo, held annually in the summer at different locations. 

Seminar Presentations

We are looking for contemporary and innovative educational seminars on law enforcement issues that attendees will find relevant to their job and agency.  Seminars should not be a sales pitch/commercial for an organization or service.  NSA offers limited sponsored seminar opportunities if you wish to engage attendees in this way.  

Click here to submit an educational seminar presentation proposal for NSA's Winter Legislative and Technology Conference from February 8-11, 2020 in Washington, DC.  Deadline for proposals is August 30, 2019. 

Information for presenting at our 2020 Annual Conference will be coming soon!

For more information on Seminar Presentations, check out our FAQs!