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Sheriff & Deputy Magazine

Sheriff Magazine

NSA’s bimonthly magazine, Sheriff & Deputy, strives to be the most professional law enforcement publication. Authoritative articles focusing on best practices, procedures, and research in law enforcement, corrections, and court security among other topics are presented to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system.

Each issue highlights successful law enforcement programs, NSA activities, professional news, and legislative updates. The magazine reaches sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, police chiefs, police officers, and corrections officials on the federal, state, and local levels.

Single copy $5.00; per year $30.00. Subscription included in annual dues of members. Archived issues of our magazines are available in our members only sectionJoin NSA today to take advantage of this benefit.

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Annual Sheriffs’ Directory

Sheriffs Directory

The Annual Sheriffs' Directory is published each year in the spring. It reflects the results of recent elections and is updated with current information on all the newly-elected sheriffs, state sheriffs' association information, and an alphabetical listing of all U.S. sheriffs.
It is an indispensable reference tool!

What's Included?
  • Contact information for 3,080 sheriffs in the U.S. by state and county.
  • Alphabetical listing of all sheriffs by name.
  • Contact and address information for all state sheriffs' associations.
  • State-specific facts, including number of counties and number and length of terms sheriffs may serve.
  • A full list of NSA headquarters staff.
  • The directory is available in two formats: Bound Book or as a PDF and Microsoft Excel file for use in producing mailing labels or for email usage. 
Book: NSA Member Rate $99 | Non-Member Rate $199
Electronic Files (excel, pdf): $750 for both member and non-members

75th Anniversary Book

In 2015, the National Sheriffs' Association celebrated 75 years of serving the nation's sheriffs. Commemorate this anniversary with our special edition book detailing the last 75 years of NSA's history.
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  • Timeline of NSA history from 1940-2015
  • Hard Cover
  • Full Color
  • 230 Pages
  • $50.00

NSA Bulletin

NSA also produces an e-newsletter, the NSA Sheriff's Bulletin, each month. This provides our membership with up-to-date news on issues that concern sheriffs and their offices as well as other law enforcement. Click here to subscribe.

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