Phase Two: Active Measures


  • Ready Active Shooter Response: This is an active shooter response plan that details what steps to take once an active shooter threat presents itself.
  • Inforce 911: Inforce 911 has developed a mobile app that strives to reduce police response times to active shooter events. To do this they have created a Mobil panic button and communication platform that reduces the amount of time it takes for police to know that an incident is currently in action. For Inforce 911 every second counts and they know that their app will reduce every second possible.
  • ACTIVE SHOOTER HOW TO RESPOND: This document gives information on what someone can do while an active shooter is present. By following these different tactics one can have a different game plan depending on different circumstances to put themselves in the best position possible while there is an active shooter.
  • Active Shooter Event Quick Reference Guide: This document gives a quick dive into what someone can think about while there is an active shooter. Thinking of escape routs, waiting for police, and options on hiding and fighting back one can improve their chances of survival while there is an active shooter.