Sheriffs Thank Chairman McCain, Sen. Inhofe and Chairman Mac Thornberry for Supporting Important 1033 Surplus Protective Equipment Language in National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Alexandria, VA – National Sheriffs’ Association President Greg Champagne and Executive Director and CEO Jonathan Thompson released the following statement concerning 1033 language in the NDAA.

“The recently announced language in the bipartisan NDAA is great news for American law enforcement's commitment to protecting its citizens from natural and man-made disasters and incidents,” National Sheriffs’ Association President Greg Champagne and Executive Director Jonathan Thompson said today. “Recent floods, snowstorms, wildland fires, terrorist attacks and active-shooter incidents across the country - and stretched law enforcement budgets - continuously reinforce the dire need to supply protective equipment to those who risk their lives daily.” 

The NDAA directs the incoming Secretary of Defense to evaluate the U.S. Defense Department (DOD) protective equipment program, including a review of current prohibited items under the Obama Administration’s ill-advised Executive Order 13688 from May 2015. The NDAA also directs DOD to evaluate the overall numbers and percentages of equipment and the types of equipment and requests made by state and local law enforcement for equipment needed to secure their communities. 

U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO) proposed a wrong-headed amendment to codify President Obama’s Executive Order 13688 in the NDAA. Thanks to Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain (AZ), Sen. Jim Inhofe (OK) and House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry (TX) for removing the McCaskill amendment that would have severely hurt law enforcement's ability to receive surplus military equipment from DOD.  

“Sheriffs will work closely with President-Elect Donald J. Trump to repeal Obama’s Executive Order. We are hopeful the new administration is more supportive of law enforcement’s important work to protect people in harm’s way, instead of the previous administration’s repeated moves to cripple and prevent us from defending and helping citizens in need,” Champagne and Thompson said.  

1033 Surplus Protective Equipment Language in NDAA here: