New and Expanded Webinar Offering for NSA Members

As of May 1, 2018, the National Sheriffs' Association will be partnering with Justice Clearinghouse to assist us with producing all of our webinars, thus providing a greater range and depth of webinar topics for the NSA membership.

Who is Justice Clearinghouse?
Knowing that justice professionals are always living with ever-shrinking budgets, Justice Clearinghouse’s goal is to bring conference-quality presenters to the justice community through webinars, thus eliminating the need for expensive travel, time intensive attendance, the frustration of trying to backfill positions. This also allows more of your team to benefit from the same great training content only a few could hear previously.

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with an organization committed to the safety and quality of our professionals,” John Thompson, deputy executive director shared. “This is an incredible opportunity for our members to continue growing in our profession and develop multi-disciplinary approaches to solve many of the challenges faced in our communities.”

What this means for NSA Members:

  • Free attendance to all of JCH’s live webinar events (more than 115 for 2018)
  • Continued access to NSA’s great webinars
  • Access to interviews with speakers, infographics and other content relevant to law enforcement

Check out Justice Clearinghouse’s 2018 schedule of webinars, or their Law Enforcement Feature page, which includes the whole array of upcoming webinars, articles, interviews and infographics. 

In the interim, members should be looking for an ongoing series of co-branded email from NSA and JCH in your email boxes in the coming weeks, highlighting the upcoming webinars.