Sheriffs’ Education and Legal Policy Fund

From submitting legal briefs to the United States Supreme Court to public awareness campaigns on criminal justice issues, America needs her Sheriffs engaged in the public discourse on law enforcement.
The National Sheriffs’ Association created the Sheriffs' Education and Legal Policy Fund (“SELPF”) to support educational and legal causes of crucial importance to America’s Sheriffs and supporters of the law enforcement community. 
SELPF Mission Statement
By supporting SELPF, you will help America’s Sheriffs bring attention to the law enforcement issues confronting our nation.
Current Priorities of SELPF, include:
  • Immigration/ border security
  • Environmental Protection Agency regulations
  • Prison Rape Elimination Act
  • Attacks on the Office of Sheriff
  • Inmate Calling Services
  • Drug Legalization
  • Body Armor
  • BATFE and 41P
SELPF is overseen by the Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee, and Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee. They report to NSA’s President, 1st Vice President and Immediate Past President. 

If you are a law enforcement officer or a supporter of the law enforcement community, please consider making your most generous donation to SELPF today.
If you have a request for support or any other questions, please email Carrie Hill at