Sex, Power and Staff Misconduct

Saturday, February 8th - 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Description:  Information regarding research into how power may affect an individual's behavior, including sexual behavior.  Examples of staff sexual misconduct including sexual harassment, and takeaways for reducing the incidence of this type of misconduct.
Presenter:  Elmer Dickens, Sr., Assistant County Counsel, Washington County, OR
Room:  Justice (M Level)
Tracks: Leadership; General Management

Building a Culture of Accountability, Wellbeing and Anti-Fragility in Law Enforcement

Sunday, February 9 - 8:00am - 9:00am
Description:  The workshop outlines key imperatives for building a “Culture of Accountability, Wellbeing and Anti-Fragility in Law Enforcement.” More specifically, the workshop discusses the importance of positive intelligence while providing self-administrated chelation tools to deliver results with confidence for improved community credibility and relationships, increased safety of personnel, and ultimately reducing officer / agency risks and liabilities.
Presenter:  Mitch Javidi, Ph.D., Chancellor, National Command & Staff College, NC
Room:  Justice (M Level)
Track: Leadership

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