• Practice Timeline: This practice timeline includes a diagram of a conventional school shooter response timeline vs. a diagram of a coveted sheriff’s school shooter response timeline.
  • MSBA Center for Education Safety: The Missouri School Board Association provides training to help school personnel identify and assist students who may be at risk of becoming a school shooter, create a crisis plan in case a threat ever presented itself, and provide them with resources to educators that they can use when dealing with mental health issues.
  • DHS School Safety Preparedness Resources: The Department of Homeland Security has a plethora of resources for training, exercises, education, and workshops to help school personnel and community members prepare for a violent threat.
    • DHS Exercise Starter Kit: The Department of Homeland Security provides exercise starter kits with the purpose of campus resilience. These kits test emergency plans and strengthen response and recovery procedures through a variety of interactive exercises.
  • Active Shooter Facts and Protocols: The document contains facts that everyone should know about active shooters and provides information about Indiana’s emergency response system. It also includes a comparison to a conventional response team so that school personnel can decide what the best fit is for their school.
  • Graphic User Interface: The GUI system is a sample system for how school building security should be set up and what it should look like.
  • Emergency Response System Operational Summary: The Emergency Response System Operational Summary provides information on a sample plan of steps to take to improve building security. This plan includes detailed information on everything from the technology to implement to the type of door to get that is most secure for protecting a classroom.
  • Indiana Sheriffs' Association School Safety PowerPoint: This PowerPoint by the Indiana Sheriffs' Association goes into detail on the different resources and tools that school safety personnel should be aware of that can significantly strengthen school building security. The presentation also used cases of pervious school shootings as a resource to better know how to improve school security.


  • Awareity: Awareity is a company that works to connect the dots between whether someone is suicidal and whether someone is going to commit a school shooting. They have a team that does training on all school personnel, students and community members on how to notice common signs. They also provide training on incident tracking and management and cyber awareness.
  • Kologik Copsync Mobile: Kologik made an app called Copsync Mobile that allows law enforcement agencies to share data and information without tedious bureaucratic barriers. This app allows officers to share information in real-time and more effectively handle threat situations.
  • ViewScan: ViewScan is a detection system placed at an entry doorway. This technology is very similar to a metal detector but uses more passive technology. This technology has many uses including taking photos of each person it scans and locating threat objects like knives while ignoring personal belongings like rings or jewelry.