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Recent Publications:

2020 Events

2020 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Every April, OVC helps lead communities throughout the country in their annual observances of NCVRW, which will be observed in 2020 from April 19–25. This year's theme is Seek Justice | Ensure Victims' Rights | Inspire Hope.

National Council on Aging: Age + Action Conference

  • June 8-10, 2020 |  Dallas, TX

Age+Action is the premiere national conference focused on ensuring every person's right to age with their best possible health and economic security. The event will bring together 800+ professionals from across the country who are dedicated to making aging well possible for all of us. Attendees will include members and grantees of NCOA’s National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC), Center for Healthy Aging, and Center for Benefits Access.

National Organization for Victim Assistance's 46th Annual Training Event

  • July 27-30, 2020  |  Orlando, FL

30th Annual National Adult Protective Services Association Conference and 1st National "Bridges to Justice" Conference

  • August 19-21, 2019  |  Denver, CO

National Elder Law Foundation Forum

  • September 11-12, 2020  |  Kansas City, MO


2019 Events

Grantmakers in Aging Annual Conference

  • October 16-18, 2019  |  New York City

In 2019, the GIA Annual Conference will celebrate the can-do spirit and creativity that fuels successful grantmaking, that takes us beyond the boundaries of what we know today. We’ll bring together renowned national experts and local advocates to share their insights and hard-won lessons learned. And what better place to celebrate creativity and the difference that grantmaking can make than New York City—a magnet for inventive people, audacious ideas, and innovation from around the globe? Please join us and be a part of this unique gathering of leaders and colleagues that will inspire all of us to build a nation that is better for people and of all ages.

2019 National Aging and Law Conference

  • October 30 - November 1, 2019  |  Arlington, VA

The 2019 National Aging and Law Conference will be held October 31 -November 1st, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia, just one subway stop from Ronald Regan Washington National Airport. The two day schedule will include 4 plenary sessions and up to 30 workshops on legal issues impacting low to moderate income older adults.

National Center on Law & Elder Rights


The Safety Training and Resources (STAR) Initiative is a community-based training and database development project designed to provide emergency responders with crucial resource information. This citizen-led program is designed to assist local agencies with collecting information for community preparedness.

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) developed this curriculum in collaboration with the Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine, with support from the Retirement Research Foundation of Chicago (grant number 2008-056). State judicial educators are welcome to adapt this curriculum for their state training programs.

Also available: 

→ Enhancing Judicial Skills in Elder Abuse Cases Workshop: The workshop addresses the following topics using hypothetical case problems, role-plays, small-group workshops, and faculty demonstrations. The highly interactive format enables judges and judicial officers from different jurisdictions and levels of experience to learn from one another as well as from faculty experts.
→ Justice Responses to Elder Abuse: Justice Responses to Elder Abuse is a self-paced course offering a wide array of information and resources to address and reduce elder abuse.  It is designed for use by practitioners and members of the public alike.The course presents the latest research on aging issues, including physical, cognitive and emotional changes that increase an older person’s vulnerability to abuse.  

By virtue of U.S. demographics, elder abuse is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Elder Abuse Guide for Law Enforcement (EAGLE) is a national web module designed to support officers in identifying, intervening, and resolving cases of elder abuse.

EAGLE funding was provided by the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and was led by the University of Southern California’s (USC) Keck School of Medicine, host of the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA).

Law Enforcement Webinars:

• Forensic Interviewing for Older Adults
• Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) and their Role in Investigations of Elder Financial Exploitation
• Collecting Evidence In Physical Abuse & Neglect Cases
• The Forgotten Victims: Elder Homicides
• Federal-State Working Group: Fraud Against Older Oregonians
• Law Enforcement Investigation of Financial Exploitation
• The Role of Law Enforcement in Elder Abuse Cases
• Helping Law Enforcement Respond to Elder Abuse Quickly

Roll Call Videos:

• Elder Abuse: False Imprisonment
• Elder Abuse: Financial Abuse by a Stranger
• Elder Abuse: Financial Abuse by a Family Member
• Elder Abuse: Neglect
• Elder Abuse: Physical Abuse
• Elder Abuse: Understanding Elder Abuse

This training module covers many guises of fraud (with special attention to scams that target senior), signs of fraud and tips for avoiding scams.

Explains the forms of financial abuse and how to recognize telemarketing schemes and online financial abuse. Explores the characteristics of seniors that make them targets of financial abuse. Analyzes the state and federal laws concerning elder financial abuse and how banks play a significant role in recognizing victimized seniors.

Everyone knows elder financial abuse is a problem, but few understand what to do about it. This award-winning 35-minute course Financial Abuse of Older Adults: Recognize, Review and Respond is built around 3 short videos that illustrate how older adults are vulnerable to those they rely on the most – and what financial institutions can do about it.

This interactive Web-based training program for legal aid and civil attorneys has four modules that offer a variety of information, tools, and resources to identify and respond to elder abuse, including Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Financial Fraud and Exploitation, Practical and Ethical Strategies, and What Lawyers Need to Know.



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