Traffic Safety: Ridesharing

Ridesharing plays a critical role in the everyday lives of people by increasing access to safe, affordable, and reliable transportation. These ridesharing services are changing the way people travel in their community and improving public safety.

NSA’s Ridesharing Resolution 2017-04: National Sheriffs' Association Demostrates the Benefits of Ridesharing Through Ongoing Support for Ridesharing Programs Such As Lyft

NSA’s General Letter of Support for Ridesharing: "Sheriffs have a distinctive relationship with the public in their counties and are directly accountable to their communities and charged with keeping them safe. All law enforcement officers are aware of the importance in reducing motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities and that there is a long way to go to address this nationwide challenge."

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NSA has partnered with the ridesharing company, Lyft, and we strongly encourage ridesharing.

Lyft serves over 6 million riders each week in 300+ American cities. Lyft is dedicated to making a positive impact on roadway safety and improving the quality of life in communities.